DIY Floral Ornaments

These stunning floral ornaments were such a simple DIY and they only required 3 materials. We absolutely adored the rustic element these added to our tree whilst still looking minimal and classic. 

We used a festive baby’s breath bouquet from our local florist but this DIY is perfect for anyone who has any old, preserved bouquets from loved ones. You can easily transform those beloved florals into beautiful ornaments that are sentimental and close to your heart.   

Tip: If you’re not sure where to find clear fillable ornaments, you can easily find some online but we found ours in store at Spotlight. What You Need: 

-      Dried or preserved flowers 

-      Clear fillable baubles

-      Twine or ribbon

1.  Trim your dried or preserved flowers so that they fit in your baubles. The amount you trim off will depend on your personal preference. You can keep some stems for a minimal look or just the flowers and petals for an eclectic and colourful ornament.

We added some fresh leaves and bright blue flowers for more pops of colour but these will only last about a day. 

2.  Fill your baubles with your flowers. Add the flowers slowly so you’re able to play around with the designs as you go. This helps if you want to make any changes as you can always remove the flowers with tweezers and start again. 

3.  Close your baubles once you’re happy with your designs and tie a loop of twine or ribbon to the top of the ornament. 

4.  Trim any excess twine for a cleaner look and feel free to tie extra ribbons as decoration for added texture or colour to the ornament.