Anti Redness Routine

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Formulated specifically for sensitive skin.

Redness is a condition where your skin is sensitive and overly reactive to various environmental triggers including extremes in temperature and stress. It's so important to keep your skin barrier in good shape to treat your redness concerns. Gentle cleansers, soothing moisturisers, and total avoidance of exfoliating ingredients (both chemical and physical) should be your key criteria when choosing which skincare products to incorporate into your routine.

Let Angela from our team explain our anti-redness routine to you

Anti Redness Cream Cleanser 

This cleanser goes above and beyond to assist in reducing redness, inflammation, and rosacea. With its light and bouncy consistency, it comforts delicate and sensitive skins, whilst gently removing daily pollutants, excess oils, and makeup. Includes Jacaranda which contains anti-inflammatory properties, provides a hydration boost and helps improve skin tone, and removes previous signs of blemishing and acne. Includes Milk Thistle which is a gentle yet strong anti-inflammatory that works to improve rosacea, itching, and redness.

Green Tea Infused Hydrating Moisturiser

Green Tea helps reduce irritation, redness and swelling whilst absorbing into your skin to soothe and nourish. Includes Desert Lime which increases antioxidant levels in the skin to offer anti-inflammatory properties curated to calm sensitive and irritated skin. Includes Hyaluronic Acid which attracts and holds on to moisture in skin cells, which allows skin to feel more hydrated and plump. It also penetrates the skin and binds water to skin cells, infusing all layers of the skin with valuable, rejuvenating moisture to calm redness concerns.

Dynamic Duo Anti Redness and Pigmentation Serum

This serum truly is a dynamic duo. The carefully selected blend of Papaya, Liquorice, and Niacinamide as active ingredients work perfectly together to target redness and pigmentation. Instantly absorbing into your skin, this serum provides gentle exfoliation and deep hydration. Assisting in minimising pore appearance, whilst ensuring your skin is left feeling fresh and smooth, this serum has quickly become a non-negotiable in our skincare routine.

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Where does it fit in my routine?
in the AM?

Use the Anti-Redness Cream Cleanser as the first step in your morning routine to gently remove sweat, grime, and last night's skincare. Follow with the Dynamic Duo Anti-Redness & Pigmentation Serum, Green Tea Infused Hydrating Moisturiser, and most importantly, your sunscreen.

in the PM?

Use the Anti-Redness Cream Cleanser as the first step in your night routine to gently remove sweat, grime, and pollution. Follow with the  Dynamic Duo Anti-Redness & Pigmentation Serum and Green Tea Infused Hydrating Moisturiser.