How This Simple Skincare Routine Helped Kaliopi's redness and rosacea

I am currently using the Anti Redness Cleanser, Redness Reducing Niacinamide Serum, Green Tea Infused Moisturiser and Sleep With Me Hydrating Gel Mask.

I LOVE the Hydrating Gel Mask and the redness reducing serum. The gel mask leaves my skin sooo glowy and fresh. I get so many compliments at work, the serum has reduced the redness in my cheeks amazingly to the point where I feel confident not wearing make up when I head out casually.

I was on skin care antibiotics the same time I started using Ava society so the mixture of them cleared my skin within about 4 weeks. After some side effects kicked in with the antibiotics I stopped using them and continue to use my Ava society products as normal. The last time I came off my antibiotics (I was using a different skin care regime) the redness and dryness came back within a few weeks.. it's been about 6 weeks and my redness hasn't come back and my skin is still moisturised and hydrated

Before using Ava Society I was trying to find something to help my rosacea, after reading many reviews on products that "assist" with this type of issue it was enlightening to find something that "targeted" the issue.

Lauren's one month update on her rosacea

Disclaimer: This testimonial has been written by Kaliopi and recorded by Lauren. Kaliopi purchased all the products herself and wasn't gifted any of the products. She got in touch with us to let us know how she is enjoying our range and from there we asked if she would be interested in providing an official testimonial. To show our gratitude, she was provided with a store credit for future use in exchange for this lengthy testimonial.