How Olivia Found A Solution For Her Sensitive And Redness Prone Skin

Welcome to Skin Stories, our new series that celebrates the AVA SOCIETY community and honours our brand values of empowering people from all walks of life.

We hope you enjoy the interviews with our everyday customers who have transformed their once careless and thoughtless skincare routine into one with AVA SOCIETY that infuses their day with positive energy and self love.

"I first saw your product on Instagram and was instantly drawn in by your packaging, it’s absolutely beautiful! I had to look into it more! I learnt so much about your brand and how important equality and the environment are to your company, and those two things are so important to me, so instantly I wanted to support your company! 

I love natural and cruelty free products as well so that was another bonus you have and I knew I had to try it! 

I’m currently using the hydrating anti redness bundle that includes the anti redness cream cleanser, dynamic duo anti redness and pigmentation serum, the green tea infused hydrating moisturiser and then sleep with me hydrating mask. I have also starting using the oil balancing gel cleanser which I am loving! 

My favourite product is the sleep with me hydrating mask as it added so much hydration to my skin for the day, especially after work my skin would be very oily, feel very clogged, and stiff. This product eliminated all these issues and I found my skin was glowing the next day! I also am currently in love with the oil balancing gel cleanser as at the moment I have been struggling with black heads on my nose and cheek area and I have found this cleanser has really improved the congestion here and has done wonders for my skin, plus the smell is incredible! 

I have really sensitive skin so before using your products I had very inflamed, really irritated and red skin, this really affected my confidence. After a week of using your products all the redness was gone, I was so happy and confident in my skin! And after 2 weeks I found I wasn’t struggling with any congestion in my skin. I also have had a huge amount of black heads and pimples under the skin on my nose and cheeks. I found that your products really deeply cleansed my skin and didn’t  affect my skin in any way! My skin is always smooth and rarely get break outs now, I have noticed my skins elasticity has improved, and I now longer have enlarged pores. 

I’m so thankful to have found a solution for all my skin concerns and the right products for me thank you so much!! "

Disclaimer: This testimonial has been written by Olivia. She purchased all the products herself and wasn't gifted any of the products. She got in touch with us to let us know how she is enjoying our range and from there we asked if she would be interested in providing an official testimonial. To show our gratitude, she was provided with a store credit for future use in exchange for this lengthy testimonial.