The Beauty Diary: Introduction to new sell out Australian skincare brand Ava Society

A couple of years ago, most of us had never even heard of a pink clay mask.

Now there’s heaps of them thanks to an Instagram trend that had everyone sharing selfies with the pretty pastel beauty product slathered all over their faces.

But while clay masks have officially moved from our phone screens and into our skincare routines, not all of them are equal.

In general, clay masks are very effective at deep cleansing the skin, treating excess oil and drawing out our impurities such as pesky black heads (something some of us, myself included, find strangely satisfying).

But pink masks – a mix of red and white clays – can be particularly brilliant for those with sensitive skin as unlike green clay it contains natural minerals, silica, magnesium, selenium and zinc which, when combined, become a skincare powerhouse.

At the start of September, a new Australian brand launched a its “next level” pink clay mask – and already the product from Ava Society has had rave reviews.

The all vegan and cruelty free ingredients are also completely natural and sourced in Australia, something the brand’s creator Mitchell Roach told The Beauty Diary was “non-negotiable”.

On the day of launch, Ava Society earned $8000 in two minutes, with Mitch revealing other products in the line include an anti-redness and pigmentation serum that contains a “dynamic” mix of papaya, licorice and niacinamide to provide a gentle exfoliation and deep hydration to the skin and a hydrating gel mask – called “Sleep With Me” – that moisturises and regenerates skin while you snooze.

A new 'next level' pink clay mask launched recently in Australia. Picture: Instagram / Matilda MurraySource:Instagram

“Our entire range was formulated with sensitivity top of mind and our customer feedback so far has matched this,” Mitch said.

“The serum ticks all the boxes and addresses such a wide range of the skin concerns. The papaya helps clear pigmentation and soothe redness, the licorice is a skin lightening property so will help brighten your skin and control any oil production whilst the niacinamide is a powerful yet gentle anti-inflammatory so reduces inflammation, minimises the appearance of pores whilst giving your skin a boost of hydration.”

It may be just a baby brand, but already a host of familiar faces have declared their love for it, including former Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield.

The 24-year-old posted about using the “incredible” skincare while in hotel quarantine in Brisbane, posting a bathroom selfie applying the Avocado Infused Nourishing Oil Serum to her face.

Her post ahead of the brand’s launch fuelled a frenzy for items with sales on the serum alone reaching $50,000.

Abbie Chatfield shared from inside her Brisbane hotel quarantine that she was a fan of the new Aussie skincare brand. Picture: Instagram / Abbie Chatfield Source:Instagram

Former Love Island contestant Erin Barnett has also spoken highly about the products, crediting them for being gentle and effective on her “sensitive skin”.

So of course, we’ll be putting some of Ava Society’s products to the test over the next few weeks, starting with the pink clay mask to see if it stands out amid a very busy crowd. I’ve also recommended a few newbies I’ve been using a lot lately and loving.

Available at

Price: $69.95

At $70, this mask needs to be seriously impressive to make buyers choose it over rival brands such as Alya Skin, the most sold pink clay mask in the world, which retails for $49 and the Insta-famous Sand & Sky pink clay mask, priced at $69.90. And Ava Society does hold its own against the competition. It comes with a little soft bristled brush that I used to spread a thin, even layer on my face. You need to leave it on for 20 minutes to get the most out of it. Often clay masks can crack and flake off which can be a little annoying, but this one doesn’t so it saves on any mess, and is really easy to wipe off with a warm cloth – always a winner in my books. Once removed, my skin felt so soft and bouncy. If you have sensitive skin, you will probably find this really calming according to others with red and inflamed skin who’ve left reviews online. That gentle effect comes from the aloe vera in the formula.

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